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A day sailer, day boat or weekender is a small sailboat. Unlike a center-boarder, it cannot be easily maneuvered ashore. Those with a cabin have one or more berths but little comfort and few amenities, such as galley or running water.


Modest size and weight make these craft easy to trailer. However, they are limited to day or weekend cruises, preferably in good weather.


The day sailer comes in various forms, from a small coastal cruiser to a vessel the size of large sailboats. These include, among others:
- coastal cruiser
- training keel boat
- racing keel boat
- traditional sailboat
- sailboat


- Simplicity


- Lack of equipment

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new video Catalina Yachts 275 SPORT
Sailboat : day-sailer (with cabin, open transom) 275 SPORT - 8,38m    27' 6" Catalina Yachts

The new Catalina 275 Sport just may be the boat you’ve been waiting for. Maybe you want to recapture the pure joy of sailing in a simpler but stylish boat that doesn’t require much effort...

Catalina Yachts 16.5
Sailboat : day-sailer 16.5 - 5,23m    17' 2" Catalina Yachts

The Catalina 16.5 boasts a big roomy cockpit, and large storage locker forward, making for ideal family outings. The 16.5 is available in two keel designs....

Catalina Yachts 22 CAPRI
Sailboat : day-sailer (with cabin) 22 CAPRI - 7,52m    24' 8" Catalina Yachts

Known for its sweet sailing performance in nearly all conditions, the Catalina Capri 22 has been winning sailors since its introduction. Major design updates has made the Capri...

Catalina Yachts 22 SPORT
Sailboat : day-sailer (with cabin) 22 SPORT - 7,26m    23' 10" Catalina Yachts

In response to Catalina 22 owners’ requests for a production boat that more accurately reflects the original dimensions and weight of this popular one design boat,...

3 products Marlow Hunter
Marlow Hunter 15
Sailboat : day-sailer (lifting keel, trailerable) 15 - 4,42m    14' 6" Marlow Hunter

High freeboard, a raised boom and sturdy FRP construction make the new Hunter 15 daysailer a safe, versatile boat that both familes and greenhorn sailors will love. Designed...

Marlow Hunter 18
Sailboat : day-sailer (open transom) 18 - 5,59m    18' 4" Marlow Hunter

The Hunter 18 is designed to serve a wide spectrum of sailors, from novices to salty veterans. Constructed of rugged, durable fiberglass, the Hunter 18 opens up endless possibilities on the waters around...

Marlow Hunter 22
Sailboat : day-sailer (with cabin) 22 - 6,50m    21' 4" Marlow Hunter

The Fiberglass Hunter 22 is the ultimate daysailer – with great overnighting capability! This stable platform is rated for five...

2 products J-boats Europe
J-boats Europe J/100
Sailboat : fast day-sailer (with cabin, saildrive) J/100 - 10m    32' 10" J-boats Europe

The J 100 is the day boat dedicated to lovers of beautiful things. With its wonderful classic design as well as its efficient bottom, it is the perfect sailboat for those who want to navigate...

J-boats Europe J/95
Sailboat : fast day-sailer (cabin, lifting keel) J/95 - 9,51m    31' 2" J-boats Europe

J/95 restores an American yachting tradition, dating back to the 1800’s, of fast centerboarders that were as much at home navigating shoal inland waters as they were crossing oceans. Remember the...

1 products J-boats
J-boats J/100
Sailboat : fast day-sailer (with cabin, saildrive) J/100 - 9,96m    32' 8" J-boats

There’s nothing quite like steering a sleek, fast boat with a light touch on the tiller, the stability of a keel below, being close to the water and sliding through waves with barely a whisper. One’s...

new Dinamica Yachts DINAMICA 33 WEEKEND
Sailboat : day-sailer DINAMICA 33 WEEKEND - 9,40m    30' 10" Dinamica Yachts

Dinamica 940 converts itself to a Weekendsailer. The two cabins are now divided through a fix door. The bow cabin offers therefore the possibility for two people to sleep or can be used as a separate...

video Dinamica Yachts DINAMICA 940
Sailboat : fast day-sailer (open transom, teak deck, cabin, lifting keel) DINAMICA 940 - 9,40m    30' 10" Dinamica Yachts

Construction Hull and Deck *Glass E mats , infusion and vinyl-ester epoxy under vacuum infusion, *Sandwich in Airex or...

video Bluenose Yacht Sales S&S 30
Sailboat : day-sailer (with cabin, saildrive) S&S 30 - 9,20m    30' 2" Bluenose Yacht Sales

Sparkman Stephens 30 - SAILING WORLD 2013 Boat of the Year and described by their editors as "untouchable". Fast, Fun and easy to sail while capable of sleeping four. The original design from Olin Stephens...

Bluenose Yacht Sales S&S 30 Racer
Sailboat : fast day-sailer (with cabin, open transom) S&S 30 Racer - 9,10m    29' 10" Bluenose Yacht Sales

The Sparkman Stephens 30 configured with race sails and a top down furling asymmetrical spinnaker is a performance racing design that has exceeded her design expectations for stability,...

Bluenose Yacht Sales S&S 30
Sailboat : classic day-sailer (with cabin) S&S 30 - 9,20m    30' 2" Bluenose Yacht Sales

The S&S 30 Classic Daysailor trimmed with teak decks, teak cockpit coaming, teak cockpit seats and a cabin house clad in teak is pure eye candy to the discriminating yachtsman who has to have only...

1 products Grand Largue
3 products Latitude 46
1 products Wauquiez
Wauquiez OPTIO
Sailboat : day-sailer (cabin, lifting keel) OPTIO - 9m    29' 6" Wauquiez

Optio (from the latin to choose): A rank in the Roman army, the Optio is the second in command of the Centurion The very first Day Sailer in the brands history, the Optio incorporates all the Wauquiez...

1 products Alphena Yachts
1 products Alerion Yachts
Alerion Yachts AE 20
Sailboat : day-sailer AE 20 - 6,10m    20' 0" Alerion Yachts

The Alerion Express 20 is a tried and true Day Sailer that has been brought back by popular demand. All the Alerion essentials are present--classic topside, modern underbody, gratifying speed and single-handed...

1 products Esse Boats
Esse Boats S850L
Sailboat : fast day-sailer (open transom) S850L - 8,50m    27' 11" Esse Boats

Built for all who would like simplicity and not always the requirement of more than 2 m water depth, in your sailing region. Has only a 1.5 m draft, but is nevertheless very stable also in a stiff breeze....

2 products Rustler Yachts
video Rustler Yachts 24
Sailboat : classic day-sailer 24 - 7,31m    24' 0" Rustler Yachts

Inspired by some of the Classic designs from the last century, the Rustler 24 offers the day boat sector a new dimension by combining traditional long keel sea-keeping and handling qualities, with the...

video Rustler Yachts 33
Sailboat : classic day-sailer 33 - 10,36m    34' 0" Rustler Yachts

The new Rustler 33 is beautiful. Designed to be really easy to live with, simple to sail, and offer cosy accommodation for a weekend away; she is the perfect antidote to yachts whose designers have forgotten...

Cornish Crabbers LLP 17
Sailboat : classic day-sailer (trailerable) 17 - 5,18m    17' 0" Cornish Crabbers LLP

The Cornish Crabber 17 is an excellent entry level boat for sailing newcomers and a fantastic day boat for enthusiasts. With her easily handled high peaked gaff rig, she bears all the characteristics...

Cornish Crabbers LLP ADVENTURE 12
Sailboat : classic day-sailer (trailerable) ADVENTURE 12 - 3,75m    12' 4" Cornish Crabbers LLP

Designed to carry a young adventurous family in safety, the Adventure 12 is a great platform for entry level sailors and experienced crews alike. Whether you are looking to cruise up the river or venture...

Cornish Crabbers LLP ADVENTURE 17
Sailboat : classic day-sailer (lifting keel, trailerable) ADVENTURE 17 - 5,95m    19' 6" Cornish Crabbers LLP

If the Adventure 12 dinghy is a little too adventurous for your family then the open cockpit of the RCD Cat C Adventure 17 is bound to appeal more to your requirements. The cockpit is split into a forward...

video Cornish Crabbers LLP ADVENTURE 19
Sailboat : classic day-sailer (lifting keel, trailerable) ADVENTURE 19 - 6,47m    21' 3" Cornish Crabbers LLP

Cornish Crabbers are world famous for producing high quality trailer-sailers that don’t compromise construction or stability for trailability. The adventure 19 can be as simple or as sophisticated...

1 products Vismara
Vismara V 34 DS
Sailboat : fast day-sailer (open transom) V 34 DS - 9,99m    32' 9" Vismara

Vismara v 34ds a performance electric daysailer the new Vismara v34ds marks the return of the day-sailing world into the shipyard, designed for racing or cruising with the family & was optimized...

6 products Plasmor
9 products Icarai
Icarai MORBIC 12
Sailboat : classic day-sailer (gaffsail cat boat) MORBIC 12 - 3,67m    12' 0" Icarai

Morbic 12 recalls the small sisters Morbic 8 and 10 with a nice clinkered hull and flat...

Icarai MORBIC 12
Sailboat : classic day-sailer (gaffsail cat boat, wooden construction kit) MORBIC 12 Icarai

Morbic 12 recalls the small sisters Morbic 8 and 10 with a nice clinkered hull and flat...

Sailboat : classic day-sailer (sliding gunter) BEG-MEIL - 4,46m    14' 8" Icarai

The "Beg-Meil" 14’8" (4m46) is an elegant small half-decked pleasure sloop. She is plywood clinker...

Sailboat : classic day-sailer (sliding gunter, wooden construction kit) BEG-MEIL Icarai

The Beg-meil is an elegant small half-decked pleasure sloop, built...

Icarai LILOU
Sailboat : classic day-sailer (sliding gunter) LILOU - 5,20m    17' 1" Icarai

Lilou has the pretention to be the ideal boat for fishing and strolling; at the same time modern and full of a traditional heritage, she is a plain,...

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