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1 products Doyle
Custommade Doyle

Today’s classic restoration or traditionally inspired yacht places greater demand on their sails than in the days when they were first designed. Desires for more modern performance with classic looks...

4 products DELTA Voiles
1 products Olimpic Sails
Olimpic Sails
Olimpic Sails

We like to look at the past with an eye on the future and it is for this reason that we have accepted the challenge of producing sails for period, classic and spirit of tradition yachts. These are unique...

15 products Incidence Sails
1 products Yager Sails
1 products Schurr Sails
2 products Vele Zadro
Vele Zadro
Vele Zadro

Modern rigging and clothes give the possibility to obtain sails with very good performances on classic and oldtimer yachts, but there is the risk that the sails loose their...

Vele Zadro
Custommade Vele Zadro

Modern rigging and clothes give the possibility to obtain sails with very good performances on classic and oldtimer yachts, but there is the risk that the sails loose their...

Gowen Ocean Sailmakers
Gowen Ocean Sailmakers

Whilst our main business is yacht sails,...


There are a number of sail makers in the world who can design and have the knowledge and skills to make sails for large yachts. There are very few who have the expensive and...


I started 3 years ago working with dhow sailors in Abu Dhabi, in the 43 Ft class. This was an immediate succes with many race victories and the 44 ft overall championship win with...

Covey Island Boatworks ELEMIAH
Sailboat ingyacht ketch ELEMIAH - 19,81m    65' 0" Covey Island Boatworks

Elemiah was built to the Tioga design of L. Francis Herreshoff by Covey Island Boatworks in 2002. Her hull offers the best of both worlds: built with 40’ clear, vertical grain Douglas Fir on American...

Covey Island Boatworks TREE OF LIFE
Sailboat ingyacht schooner TREE OF LIFE - 28,35m    93' 0" Covey Island Boatworks

Twice a circumnavigator, 70’ Ted Brewer gaff schooner Tree of Life burst onto the boating scene as star attraction of the 1991 Wooden Boat Show in Newport, RI. A year later she was voted on of the ’100...

Covey Island Boatworks Nigel Irens, MAGGIE B
Sailboat ingyacht schooner Nigel Irens, MAGGIE B - 18,90m    62' 0" Covey Island Boatworks

"I gave Nigel Irens the challenge of designing a fast, sea kindly, modern cruising schooner. Covey Island had the challenge of building his design ’not a yacht, but not a workboat — efficient, smart,...

Covey Island Boatworks Starling Burgess, NINITA
Sailboat ingyacht schooner Starling Burgess, NINITA - 17,98m    59' 0" Covey Island Boatworks

The vessel, launched in 2004, was christened Ninita by her Hampshire, U. K., owners - who are now living on board full-time. The owners...

Covey Island Boatworks Bristol Schooner, PAPA
Sailboat ingyacht schooner Bristol Schooner, PAPA - 17,07m    56' 0" Covey Island Boatworks

The Bristol Schooner is an ideal design for cruising families. Based on a proven and highly respected hull concept, it offers spacious, seakindly comfort and classic beauty based on centuries-old traditions. Sailor/boatbuilder...

Abeking & Rasmussen - Sailboats HETAIROS
Sailboat ingyacht ketch HETAIROS - 42,80m    140' 5" Abeking & Rasmussen - Sailboats

“Every panel, every curve, structure, colour and surface processing were carefully considered, examined, modified and then built”, this is how David Barker, artist and chronicler, describes...

5 products Royal Huisman
Royal Huisman KAMAXITHA
Sailboat ingyacht ketch KAMAXITHA - 48,97m    160' 8" Royal Huisman

The Spirit of Tradition ketch Kamaxitha offers strong design references to the early working sailers like the pilot cutter and the Brixham Trawler. An elegant 49m on deck (55m with bowsprit), she combines...

Royal Huisman HANUMAN
Sailboat ingyacht HANUMAN - 42,10m    138' 1" Royal Huisman

Following the 156’ sloop Hyperion in 1999 and the classic 295’ schooner Athena in 2004, Dr Jim Clark has reaffirmed his confidence in Royal Huisman engineering by placing a third, highly distinctive...

Royal Huisman ATHENA
Sailboat ingyacht schooner ATHENA - 90m    295' 3" Royal Huisman

Athena represents four years of spirited teamwork, combining the unique talents of Pieter Beeldsnijder for exterior and interior design with the flawless naval architectural skills of Dykstra Naval Architects....

Sailboat ingyacht custommade MARIA CATTIVA - 39,92m    131' 0" Royal Huisman

Once, the Huisman series of advertisements carried the headline ’another typical Huisman yacht’. This play on words, because a typical Huisman yacht doesn’t exist, is characterized in the look and feel...

Royal Huisman FOFTEIN II
Sailboat ingyacht custommade FOFTEIN II - 30,21m    99' 1" Royal Huisman

The yacht’s owner has a passion for diving and filming marine life, particularly whales. The specific requirement: Foftein was to be a ’whale friendly vessel’. In 1989 we delivered the first Foftein,...

1 products Pendennis
video Pendennis REBECCA
Sailboat ingyacht ketch REBECCA - 42,42m    139' 2" Pendennis

The German Frers designed Rebecca is one of the largest ketches to be built at Pendennis to date and is without doubt one of the finest looking, modern sailing yachts in the world. The Owner wished to...

3 products Vitters
Vitters MARIE
Sailboat ingyacht ketch MARIE - 54,60m    179' 2" Vitters

Marie is one of the most recently launched yachts by Vitters Shipyard. This 180 ft classic ketch is a living proof of the successful combination of classic lines and modern performance. The use of the...

Vitters ADELE
Sailboat ingyacht ketch ADELE - 54,60m    179' 2" Vitters

Conceived for world exploration and to fearlessly storm into remote places, where many never may venture, she changes the perspective of life for ever for all who step on board. Adèle combines the...

Sailboat ingyacht deck saloon ERICA XII - 52,50m    172' 3" Vitters

Erica XII, designed by Hoek Design Naval Architects, is a 52.5 meter classic sloop. With her single mast and panamax height she has an incredible powerful appearance. The rig is equipped with PBO standing...

4 products Hinckley
Hinckley SW 51
Sailboat ingyacht SW 51 - 15,62m    51' 3" Hinckley

A Hinckley is a yachtsman’s yacht: no more irrefutable proof of this fact exists than...

Hinckley SW 52
Sailboat ingyacht SW 52 - 15,67m    51' 5" Hinckley

Sailing an SW52, it’s easy to put life into perspective. With her sails holding a steady wind, a gentle pressure...

Hinckley SW 59
Sailboat ingyacht SW 59 - 18,06m    59' 3" Hinckley

Designed by esteemed naval architects McCurdy and Rhodes, the SW59 uses a center console arrangement that affords...

Hinckley SW 70
Sailboat ingyacht SW 70 - 21,41m    70' 3" Hinckley

It is a breathtaking sight, a SW70 under full sail. As she carves forcefully through the water, the carving lines...

new Leonardo Yachts B.V. EAGLE 54
Sailboat ingyacht EAGLE 54 - 16,64m    54' 7" Leonardo Yachts B.V.

New for 2014 the Eagle 54 We are proud to announce a new model, the Eagle 54. The Eagle 54 is designed in close cooperation with Hoek design. Founded in 1986 by Andre Hoek, Hoek Design is one of the...

6 products Van Dam Nordia
Van Dam Nordia 70' TRADITIONAL
Sailboat ingyacht custommade 70' TRADITIONAL - 22,10m    72' 6" Van Dam Nordia

Nordia Traditionals Yachting haute couture. A combination of Van Dam Nordia engineering excellence with an appearance of the utmost luxury. A Nordia Traditional leaves no...

Van Dam Nordia 70’ CLASSIC
Sailboat ingyacht ketch 70’ CLASSIC - 22,50m    73' 10" Van Dam Nordia

Nordia Classics are a tribute to the elegant yachts designed and build in the past century. The...

Van Dam Nordia 73' CLASSIC
Sailboat ingyacht 73' CLASSIC - 22,25m    73' 0" Van Dam Nordia

The Nordia 73’ Classic Racer is a beautiful, elegant yacht. She...

Van Dam Nordia 82’ CLASSIC
Sailboat ingyacht schooner 82’ CLASSIC - 29m    95' 2" Van Dam Nordia

Nordia Classics are a tribute to the elegant yachts designed and build in the past century. The...

Van Dam Nordia 85’ CLASSIC
Sailboat ingyacht aluminium 85’ CLASSIC - 27,50m    90' 3" Van Dam Nordia

Nordia Classics are a tribute to the elegant yachts designed and build in the past...

Van Dam Nordia 85' CLASSIC S
Sailboat ingyacht schooner 85' CLASSIC S - 29m    95' 2" Van Dam Nordia

Nordia Classics are a tribute to the elegant yachts designed and build in the past century. The...

Legendary Yachts S/V RADIANCE
Sailboat ingyacht ketch S/V RADIANCE - 21,94m    72' 0" Legendary Yachts

Building and sailing Radiance was the culmination of a 30+ year dream. Following the launch of the family boat Corahleen...

1 products CONRAD S.A.
Sailboat ingyacht ketch TALISMAN 1920 - 23m    75' 6" CONRAD S.A.

In October 2006 we completed a thorough refitting of inside and masts renovation of an exceptionally beautiful classic sailing yacht originally...

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