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A catamaran is a twin-hulled vessel known primarily for its stability and live-aboard comfort. Whether sail or power, there are models suitable for both recreational and professional use.


These craft are widely used for both recreational and commercial activities, including passenger transport. Small sailing catamarans are perfect for learning how to sail and for racing. Power catamarans include offshore models, luxury yachts, cabin cruisers and sport fishing versions.


A majority of such boats are made of fiberglass composites, though there are also aluminum and wooden models. Carbon fiber is used to construct high-performance racing catamarans.

Live-aboard amenities such as cabins, galley and saloon vary with intended vessel use, from blue-water cruising to day sailing. Professional versions have specialized equipment depending on activity. These can include interior seating for passenger transport or cranes and a spacious deck area for fishing. Some models have a flybridge serving as an observation platform and/or as an elevated helm.

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Determine intended use and list relevant specifications. While sailing requires a certain amount of know-how, a short time spent at a sailing school offers access to ecological and economical pleasure on the water. A length scale with sliding cursor at the upper right of the NauticExpo page can be used to narrow your search.

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new Marine Technology Inc 48
Motorboat offshore speedpowerboat racing 48 - 14,63m    48' 0" Marine Technology Inc

The new 48’ MTI is designed for an even better ride at high speeds while performing like the shorter MTI’s in the pleasure series. The recommended power package is twin 1075’s or higher...

new Marine Technology Inc 36
Motorboat offshore speedpowerboat 36 - 10,97m    36' 0" Marine Technology Inc

The brand new 2013 MTI 36 Pleasure/Race Series is changing all the rules with legendary MTI performance, quality, and style in a mid-size platform. With the 36 Pleasure/Race Series race proven hull design,...

Marine Technology Inc 55' SERIES
Motorboat offshore speedpowerboat 55' SERIES - 16,81m    55' 2" Marine Technology Inc

The 55 Pleasure/Race Series models feature a spacious cockpit with sit-down bolstered seating for 6 and an enveloping, wrap-around windshield for a look and function that’s distinctly MTI. Step...

Marine Technology Inc 55' SERIES
Motorboat offshore speedpowerboat racing 55' SERIES - 16,81m    55' 2" Marine Technology Inc

The 55 Pleasure/Race Series models feature a spacious cockpit with sit-down bolstered seating for 6 and an enveloping, wrap-around windshield for a look and function that’s distinctly MTI. Step...

Marine Technology Inc 52′ R/P SERIES
Motorboat offshore speedpowerboat 52′ R/P SERIES - 15,85m    52' 0" Marine Technology Inc

Our customers asked for it… Our 52’ Catamaran shows the evolution of our product line. This 11.5’ wide catamaran certainly rules the seas. The 52 is available in Open or Closed cockpit...

Marine Technology Inc 44
Motorboat offshore speedpowerboat 44 - 13,31m    43' 8" Marine Technology Inc

The 44’ MTI was designed specifically for the ultimate competitor who’s looking for a boat with surface drives, a single rudder, and an aerodynamically designed deck. The success with the...

8 products World Cat
new World Cat 295CC
Sportfishing motorboat center console boat 295CC - 8,86m    29' 1" World Cat

The 295CC is a hardcore offshore center console fishing boat designed to fish any-time, any-where, and in most any-weather. Built on World Cat’s newest and most efficient hull, this sleek power...

video World Cat 290EC
Cruiser fishing motorboat 290EC - 8,86m    29' 1" World Cat

The 290EC is a serious offshore fishing vessel for over-night trips to the blue water or for cruising to the islands. We designed the 290EC to meet the demands of hardcore fishermen while keeping...

video World Cat 320EC
Sportfishing motorboat flybridge expresscruiser 320EC - 9,80m    32' 2" World Cat

The 320EC express cabin is how World Cat is adding an element of luxury to offshore fishing. The helm is located on centerline, with port and starboard entry doors leading to the galley stand-up head....

video World Cat 270TE
Sportfishing motorboat center console boat 270TE - 8,53m    28' 0" World Cat

Designed and built for our champion anglers, the WorldCat 270TE tornament edition is the fastest, most rugged blue water fishing boat in our fleet. This powercat allows...

video World Cat 320CC
Sportfishing motorboat center console boat 320CC - 9,80m    32' 2" World Cat

At 32’2” with a 9’6” beam, the 320CC is a proven offshore battlewagon that’s also surprisingly social when cruising with friends and family. So, whether you’re running...

video World Cat 330TE
Sportfishing motorboat center console boat 330TE - 10,36m    34' 0" World Cat

The World Cat 330TE Tournament Edition is the flagship of the WorldCat fleet. The 330 TE is the ultimate sport fishing power catamaran, designed to get you to the bite and...

1 products PILDNE
new PILDNE PC-01
Motorboat expresscruiser PC-01 - 9,80m    32' 2" PILDNE

Constantly expanding our product range, Pildne team has developed a new vessel Pildne Family Catamaran for those who love comfortable scenic cruising with family and friends....

new aventure catamaran AVC 30
Motorboat inboard cabincruiser AVC 30 - 9,14m    30' 0" aventure catamaran

The Aventure PowerCatamaran AVC 30 can be trailed and comes with a full 1 x double cabin, 2 singles, a seperate toilet and a seperate shower - a real family holiday "Caravan." New...

new aventure catamaran AVC 48.50
Motorboat flybridge expresscruiser AVC 48.50 - 14,76m    48' 5" aventure catamaran

This new 48.50ft Passagemaker Catamaran has 3 master cabins en suite, a single level saloon and large galley/bar, (dining table and chairs optional) allowing...

aventure catamaran SCAFF 5.0
Sportfishing motorboat center console boat SCAFF 5.0 - 5m    16' 5" aventure catamaran

LOA 5.00m Beam 2.00m WT 756kg Unsinkable Wet Deck catamaran,...

new video ArrowCat Marine EXPRESS 30
Sportfishing motorboat outboard cabincruiser EXPRESS 30 - 9,09m    29' 10" ArrowCat Marine

The ArrowCat 30 charts a new course for family fun, exploring and entertaining. The roomy interior and comfortable sleeping arrangements of the ArrowCat 30 are ideal for family cruising. And the incredible...

ArrowCat Marine 30RS
Sportfishing motorboat outboard cabincruiser flybridge 30RS - 9m    29' 6" ArrowCat Marine

All ArrowCat catamarans offer versatile options that give discerning boaters the comfort and amenities they desire for spending quality time with family and friends on board while also providing the power,...

ArrowCat Marine EXPRESS 32
Sportfishing motorboat expresscruiser EXPRESS 32 - 9,70m    31' 10" ArrowCat Marine

Delivering on requests to have a model with more space in the aft deck, we redesigned the aft deck and engine mounting of the Express 30 foot hull. This redesign...

ArrowCat Marine 42
Motorboat expresscruiser 42 - 12,50m    41' 0" ArrowCat Marine

The ArrowCat 42 takes all the great qualities of the ArrowCat 30 and scales them up for greater comfort. The roomy interior and comfortable sleeping arrangements...

ArrowCat Marine 42
Motorboat flybridge expresscruiser 42 - 12,50m    41' 0" ArrowCat Marine

The ArrowCat 42 takes all the great qualities of the ArrowCat 30 and scales them up for greater comfort. The roomy interior and comfortable sleeping arrangements...

14 products LeisureCat
new video LeisureCat 9000 KINGFISHER EXPRESS
Sportfishing motorboat expresscruiser 9000 KINGFISHER EXPRESS - 9,65m    31' 8" LeisureCat

The all-new LeisureCat 9000 Kingfisher Express, like the Kingfisher, is the culmination of discussion and requests by you, the fisherman and rescue groups. It has a wide beam (3.1m), wide hulls capable...

video LeisureCat 6000 ISLANDER
Motorboat outboard walkaround 6000 ISLANDER - 6,89m    22' 7" LeisureCat

The proven and popular LeisureCat 6000 Islander. Designed for the serious day fisherman, with walk-around deck that includes two forward platforms for fly-fishing. The self-draining deck is fully moulded...

video LeisureCat 6000 BRUMBY
Motorboat inboard cabincruiser 6000 BRUMBY - 6,50m    21' 4" LeisureCat

Based on LeisureCat’s award-winning power catamaran design using a symmetrical planing hull, the 6000 Brumby retains all the hallmarks of what has made the LeisureCat so popular for fishing, diving and...

video LeisureCat 7000 GAMEFISHER
Cruiser fishing motorboat 7000 GAMEFISHER - 7,81m    25' 7" LeisureCat

The LeisureCat 7000 Gamefisher power catamaran has a safety one-piece windscreen for greater vision forward. Side windows slide forward or back to give the best advantage for airflow. For the weekend...

video LeisureCat 8000 SPORTFISHER
Cruiser fishing motorboat 8000 SPORTFISHER - 8,81m    28' 11" LeisureCat

The LeisureCat 8000 Sportsfisher power catamaran has one-piece windscreen giving greater forward vision while still retaining the strength and safety of the multi-piece. Sliding side windows are standard...

video LeisureCat 8000 WESTERNER
Cruiser fishing motorboat 8000 WESTERNER - 8,81m    28' 11" LeisureCat

The LeisureCat 8000 Westerner power catamaran is a walkaround model that incorporates a large driving cab that still allows plenty of room down either side to allow fishing right around the boat. The...

32 products Incat Crowther
new Incat Crowther DP2 FCB
Passenger ferry fast DP2 FCB Incat Crowther

Incat Crowther is pleased to announce a first of type 70m Catamaran Fast Crew Boat (FCB), compliant with IMO HSC code and complete with a crew transfer system consisting of dynamic positioning equipment...

Passenger ferry superfast KILIMANJARO IV Incat Crowther

Design No: IC11083 Vessel Name: Kilimanjaro IV This 45m Catamaran Ferry is the the seventh Incat Crowther-designed vessel for the Tanzania-based operator, proving excellent attention...

Passenger ferry fast RIVERSIDE CATALINA - MANDALAY Incat Crowther

Design No: IC1045 Vessel Name: Riverside Catalina, Riverside Mandalay Two 32m Catamaran Ferries designed to support construction of a LNG plant in Queensland. Part of a 3 vessel...

video Incat Crowther AVA PEARL
Passenger ferry AVA PEARL Incat Crowther

Design No: IC0735 Vessel Name: Ava Pearl A 34m Catamaran Passenger Ferry operating in New England, USA. Length Overall:...

Incat Crowther CAHAYA BARU
Passenger ferry CAHAYA BARU Incat Crowther

Design No: IC11021 Vessel Name: Cahaya Baru A reliable, rugged passenger ferry optimised for remote operation in the Cocos Keeling islands. Length Overall: 19.8...

Incat Crowther HAI JU - HAI YAO
Passenger ferry fast HAI JU - HAI YAO Incat Crowther

Design No: IC1022 Vessel Name: Hai Ju, Hai Yao 35m Catamaran ferries for Xhuhai High Speed Ferry Co. Two units under construction in China. Length Overall: 34.9 m Length...

14 products Sail Innovation
new video Sail Innovation Flying Phantom (foils)
Foiling sport double trapeze Flying Phantom (foils) - 5,49m    18' 0" Sail Innovation

The Flying Phantom is actually under the development. The production boat should be launched...

Sail Innovation F18 Phantom
ISAF class sailing FORMULA 18 F18 Phantom - 5,49m    18' 0" Sail Innovation

After an intensive year of research, development and countless hours of testing, SAIL INNOVATION is proud to launch the Phantom Formula 18. The Phantom project was born in order to design the finest...

Sail Innovation VX cross cut
Sport multihull sail : mainsail (FORMULA 18) VX cross cut Sail Innovation

SAIL INNOVATION is offering you the finest F18 sails, our Design Team is spending countless hours designing and testing the sails with our Pro Team in order to develop...

Sail Innovation VX cross cut
Sport multihull sail : jib (FORMULA 18) VX cross cut Sail Innovation

Layout : Cross cut / Mast panel Area : 4,15m2 Cloth...

Sail Innovation VXR Vertical X radial Cut
Sport multihull sail : jib (FORMULA 18) VXR Vertical X radial Cut Sail Innovation

Layout : Curve Radial / Cross cut Area : 4,15m2 Cloth...

5 products Stealth Yachts
video Stealth Yachts 540 FLYBRIDGE
Luxury yacht luxury flybridge motoryacht composite 540 FLYBRIDGE - 16,60m    54' 6" Stealth Yachts

The STEALTH 540 has an overall length of 55ft with a beam of 18ft! The beam on the STEALTH 540 flybridge is more like that associated with a 70ft yacht. The beam is also carried...

video Stealth Yachts 540 SPORT
Luxury yacht planing luxury motoryacht 540 SPORT - 16,60m    54' 6" Stealth Yachts

The key elements by which any sport boat can be measured are: Performance, Entertainment Area and Styling. The STEALTH 540 sport,...

video Stealth Yachts 520 RUV
Luxury yacht luxury motoryacht 520 RUV - 15,85m    52' 0" Stealth Yachts

The STEALTH 520 Resort Utility Vessel is purposely designed and developed...

Stealth Yachts 540 SPORT FISHER
Luxury yacht sportfishing luxury motoryacht 540 SPORT FISHER - 15,50m    50' 10" Stealth Yachts

The STEALTH 540 sport fisher combines the elegance and performance of the STEALTH 540 sport with the large cockpit specifically configured for game-fishing. The...

Stealth Yachts 380 SPORT
Motorboat expresscruiser 380 SPORT - 11,80m    38' 9" Stealth Yachts

The STEALTH 380 sport is a performance orientated, leisure or light-duty commercial vessel ideally suited to sport fishing,...

2 products Selene
3 products BambaYachts
BambaYachts 50'
Motorboat flybridge trawler 50' - 14,98m    49' 2" BambaYachts

Designed for owners who want nothing but the best. The Trawler Catamaran...

BambaYachts 60'
Luxury yacht luxury flybridge trawler motoryacht 60' - 18,29m    60' 0" BambaYachts

The Bamba 60’ motorsailer is designed to meet the demands of a large long-haul boat robust and durable, with the same qualities as the Trawler Catamaran Bamba 50’. The displacement of the Bamba 60’...

BambaYachts BAMBA 42'
Motorboat flybridge trawler BAMBA 42' - 12,80m    42' 0" BambaYachts

The Trawler Catamaran Bamba 42’ meets the demand of owners desiring the qualities of Bamba 50’ with three cabins. The Bamba 42’ is designed...

27 products Pedigree Cats
31 products LOMOcean Design
LOMOcean Design
Motorboat multipurpose workboat - 14m    45' 11" LOMOcean Design

14m Power Catamaran Crew Boat Construction in aluminium alloy, this crew boat catamaran is intended to...

Motorboat expresscruiser TASMAN ROWER - 11,70m    38' 5" LOMOcean Design

Specifications Length:11.7m Construction:Carbon...

Power luxury superyacht solar TURANOR PLANETSOLAR - 31m    101' 8" LOMOcean Design

On the back of LOMOcean Design’s success with the record circumnavigation of the globe by the radical trimaran "Earthrace" comes a whole new challenge: the design of the first vehicle ever to circle the...

LOMOcean Design NZCM
Luxury yacht luxury motoryacht NZCM - 16m    52' 6" LOMOcean Design

The development of this unique, full female-moulded production 16 metre wavepiercing luxury catamaran by New Zealand China Marine (NZCM) was initiated...

LOMOcean Design
Sportfishing motorboat flybridge expresscruiser - 14m    45' 11" LOMOcean Design

Defender is a catamaran intended to be a versatile fishing platform, to cater for the many varied styles of sport fishing. The open cockpit allows flowing access across the breadth of the vessel and...

LOMOcean Design TATAMI
Luxury yacht luxury flybridge motoryacht TATAMI - 27,50m    90' 3" LOMOcean Design

Tatami was conceived as the ultimate liveaboard passage maker although with more than a few twists and surprises. Mating the conventional bow of a mono-hull with the twin hulls of a catamaran makes for...

4 products Scape yachts
Scape yachts 51
Charter sailboat 51 - 15,54m    51' 0" Scape yachts

The Scape 51’ DC is designed and developed to be the ultimate Day Charter Catamaran for both you the operator and your guests. The Scape 51’ is incredibly easy to handle and can...

video Scape yachts 39 OPEN DECK CABRIOLET
Cruisingracing sailboat 39 OPEN DECK CABRIOLET - 11,90m    39' 1" Scape yachts

Perfect for competitive racing & the thrills of high speed sailing performance!The Scape 39’ open deck is designed and developed tobe...

Scape yachts 39 SPORT CRUISER
Cruisingracing sailboat 39 SPORT CRUISER - 11,99m    39' 4" Scape yachts

The Sport Cruiser is very rigid and fast, providing high-performance sailing for the thrill-seeking adventurer! Offers...

Scape yachts 39 DAY CHARTER
Charter sailboat 39 DAY CHARTER - 11,90m    39' 1" Scape yachts

Day Charter Yacht specifically with the day charter industry in mind, offering great versatility for pleasure trips, sight-seeing, fishing & dive charters, ferrying & private functions....

Xlight Catamaran TS 52.8 CRB
Cruisingracing sailboat carbon TS 52.8 CRB - 16,10m    52' 10" Xlight Catamaran

To answer to the many constraints that characterize high speed multihulls, the best solutions have been applied : finite...

video Lightwave Yachts 38'
Cruising sailboat 38' - 11,58m    38' 0" Lightwave Yachts

The Lightwave 38 Sailing Catamaran exudes elegance with its sleek appearance and modern flowing lines, and delivers superb handling and excellent performance in bluewater conditions. Seeking perfection...

video Lightwave Yachts 45'
Ocean cruising sailboat 45' - 13,72m    45' 0" Lightwave Yachts

Lightwave Yachts recent edition to the range of Ultimate Cruising Catamarans is the Lightwave 45’ Grande’. Providing big boat comforts on sleek, ocean conquering hulls, the Lightwave 45’G is an awesome...

Lightwave Yachts 38'
Motorboat expresscruiser 38' - 11,58m    38' 0" Lightwave Yachts

Lightwave Yachts recent edition to the range of Ultimate Cruising Catamarans is the Lightwave 45’ Grande’. Providing big boat comforts on sleek, ocean conquering hulls, the Lightwave 45’G is an awesome...

Lightwave Yachts 46'
Motorboat expresscruiser 46' - 14,02m    46' 0" Lightwave Yachts

Motor Catamarans built for Long Range Cruising in Absolute Comfort. Lightwave Yachts most recent edition to the fleet, the Lightwave 46’ Powercat is the ultimate cruising vessel. This magnificent motor...

Lightwave Yachts RAIDER ONE
Cruisingracing sailboat RAIDER ONE - 9,14m    30' 0" Lightwave Yachts

Previously the Raider 302 design has proven its performance credentials in offshore racing around the World, and has now been formed into a true "One Design" International Class. With LIGHTWAVE YACHTS...

1 products Veuliah Yachts
WindPearl Yachts WP60
Cruisingracing sailboat WP60 - 18,29m    60' 0" WindPearl Yachts


8 products African Cats
Cruising sailboat FASTCAT 445 SPORTS CRUISER - 13,60m    44' 7" African Cats

FastCat 445 SPORTS CRUISER for the performance orientated multihull sailor and who wants to spend the weekends and holidays relaxing with his family and friends on board. African Cats now offers the...

Cruising sailboat GREENCAT 445 GREEN-MOTION - 13,60m    44' 7" African Cats

FastCat 445 Green Motion is a virtually fossil free catamaran that generates its own energy while cruising, she offers an unrivalled level of comfort and performance. African Cats uses the strongest...

Cruisingracing sailboat carbon FASTCAT 605 GREEN MOTION - 18,64m    61' 2" African Cats

An absolute breakthrough in weight whilst still maintaining the right level of comfort...The new African FastCat 605 Green Motion is built with vacuüm infusion, which stands for Kevlar and basalt fibre,...

African Cats POWERCAT 380
Motorboat flybridge expresscruiser POWERCAT 380 - 11,58m    38' 0" African Cats

POWERCAT 380 A new designed and state-of-the-art PowerCat with two Volvo engines...

African Cats POWERCAT 420
Motorboat flybridge expresscruiser POWERCAT 420 - 12,75m    41' 10" African Cats

With its incredibly shallow 0.9 draft and rock like stability, the African Power Cat 42 can take you anywhere you want to go.And with four luxurious...

African Cats FASTCAT 305 VK
Cruising sailboat FASTCAT 305 VK - 9m    29' 6" African Cats

INWATER & SHORE CRUISING She is the smallest sailing Cat in our range and with a 9 m. length and width of 5, 5 m. our FastCat 305 Vector-K is a pure pleasure to sail. SPACIOUS & FRIENDLY Enjoy the...

Multimarine Composites D1195
Cruisingracing sailboat carbon D1195 - 11,95m    39' 2" Multimarine Composites

A stylish and very comfortable fast cruiser that has a raised coach roof compared to her sister cat the D1150 to proved better head room and a...

Multimarine Composites D1150
Cruisingracing sailboat carbon D1150 - 11,50m    37' 9" Multimarine Composites

A stylish, comfortable and fast cat with a low, streamlined coachroof. She will be a very light and competitive offshore racer,...

video Multimarine Composites TD 547
Cruising sailboat hard bimini top TD 547 - 16,18m    53' 1" Multimarine Composites

The Taylor Davidsen 553, the ultimate blue water cruising catamaran. Utilising the...

Multimarine Composites DP 15
Motorboat flybridge expresscruiser DP 15 - 15m    49' 3" Multimarine Composites

The Dazcat Power 15m is a custom designed wheelchair accessible power catamaran commissioned by Paul and Pauline Scholey for cruising in the Med. It has a specially designed hydraulic lift...

video Multimarine Composites RAPIER 550
Cruising sailboat RAPIER 550 - 16m    52' 6" Multimarine Composites

The Rapier-550 has been designed by two of the most highly regarded, and accomplished contemporary Yacht designers - Nie Bailey and Darren Newton.Nic Bailey, (

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