intervention underwater ROV / for fish cage inspection / for aquaculture
Pro 4 IP65 BASE



  • Type:

    intervention, for fish cage inspection, for aquaculture

  • Depth:

    305 m (1000'07")


The VideoRay Pro 4 IP65 BASE is the perfect solution for ROV operators who need fail safe protection from the elements, without sacrificing the power or capability you expect from a Pro 4 ROV system.
IP65 Front-1178

All the technology included in the Pro 4 IP65 BASE, including connectors, provides complete ingress protection against dust and “splashes,” or low pressure water jets, from any direction.

The Pro 4 IP65 BASE features the same functions and capabilities of the Pro 4 Rugged ICB in a slightly different package. The Pro 4 IP65 BASE replaces the standard control panel and processor with equipment that meets IP65 standards, including dust and waterproof connectors. It also adds a secondary 15” daylight viewable sealed monitor, perfect for monitoring both video and accessory feeds.

The Pro 4 IP65 BASE is delivered with all necessary cables, software, and processors. It is compatible with all Pro 4 submersibles, tether, and most VideoRay accessories. The Pro 4 IP-65 BASE can be upgraded to accept autonomous control, sonars, and positioning systems.