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epoxy resin / for application on wood

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epoxy resin / for application on wood epoxy resin / for application on wood - RESINA 2000


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    for application on wood


Resina 2000 is a solvent-free structural epoxy coating designed for use in the construction, protection and restoration of wood, GRP and many other substrates. Resina 2000 is a technologically advanced system which offers excellent penetration, flexibility and adhesion which make it essential for maintaining and treating wood. With Resina 2000 it is possible to obtain high strength wood-to-wood joints, surface protection and an impermeable hull. Wood treated with Resina 2000 becomes impermeable and stronger while maintaining its characteristics of flexibility and resistance. Once the hardener has been add, special additives can be mixed in to obtain fillers which are easy to apply and extremely strong.