rescue boat professional boat / catamaran / outboard / aluminum
Mini Noah



  • Type:

    rescue boat

  • Number of hulls:


  • Motor type:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Length:

    6.68 m (21'10")


Modular rescue catamaran featuring floating platform Tecnofloat

Design categoryD
Total length6.68 m (including engine and roll bar)
Maximum width2.30 m
Compartment width0.80 m
Draft empty0.21 m
Draft with maximum load0.30 m
Empty load displacement1185 Kg (basic version)
Maximum load displacement1900 Kg
Hull and deck structureLightweight alloy for naval use
Handrail all aroundLightweight alloy for naval use
LoadingExtendable bow ramp
Recommended engine20 o 40 hp 4 Stroke - L
Fuel tank25 l (basic version)

Modular system for work and rescue platforms
The Tecnofloat® system has its highest point in the Noah range of modular boats.
Mini Noah, created for water professionals, is the smallest motorized floating unit built with the Tecnofloat® system, and is ideal for interventions in small spaces.
The fine technology and exceptional stability of the catamaran hull, with its watertight floating modules, make Mini Noah a versatile system with high safety standards.
Mini Noah is designed for use in extreme conditions and characterized by an excellent load-capacity compared to its dimensions.
Thanks to its sturdiness and versatility features, Mini Noah is also well suited to repetitive work conditions such as transport of people or transfer of materials and animals onto larger floating structures

Mini Noah has 9 m2 usable deck area, made of lightweight antislip perforated metal sheet, to facilitate drainage and provide good under deck visibility between the hulls
The whole perimeter of the deck area is fitted with safety railing made of lightweight alloy, with openings for passage of material and passengers