2-sheave deck organizer for sailboats / 3-sheave / 4-sheave / 5-sheave
TSR Series



  • Number of sheaves:

    3-sheave, 2-sheave, 4-sheave, 5-sheave, 6-sheave


TSR Aft Organiser for diverting lines from clutches and jammers.

TSR Organiser
Aft Organiser for diverting lines from clutches and jammers

20mm and 30mm diameter alloy sheaves
30mm sheaves for diverting large deflection angles and large diameter lines
All rotating sheaves with plain bearings
Fixed Sheaves can be inserted in the organiser to further increase deflection loads
Alloy top rails
Modular design and assembly – Sheaves can be moved to any spacing
Tulip shaped design reduces friction from vertical defection
Low profile design
Simple inserting and removal of endless lines
Central shaft designed to spread load through laminate
Titanium parts available to further reduce weight