temperature sensor / acoustic / for boats / fishfinder



  • Measured value:

    temperature, acoustic

  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Other characteristics:

    fishfinder, depth sounder


The Simrad ES38-7 is a wide band split beam transducer designed for fishery and fishery research applications.

The beamwidth is 7 degrees at nominal operational frequency 38 kHz. The transducer is designed with three separate segments, and includes a sensor to measure the sea temperature.

The transducer is normally mounted flush with the hull plating or the bottom of a blister. It is provided with an installation flange, and by means of a clamping ring it is secured to a mounting ring welded into the hull plating or the bottom of a blister. The clamping ring is provided with the transducer, and already fitted. The transducer can also be flush mounted at the bottom of a drop keel.
The transducer cable penetrates the hull using a stuffing tube and a cable gland.

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