wind anemometer / radio / AIS / speed log



  • Function:

    wind anemometer, radio, AIS, speed log

  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Technology:

    color, digital

  • Mount:


  • Network:

    NMEA 2000®

  • Other characteristics:



IS42 Digital Display

Product details
Clear Views and Intuitive Control
Designed for use in all conditions, the IS42’s full-colour display panel is optically bonded to its protective glass covering; this eliminates the possibility of condensation or fogging within the display. Transflective LCD technology makes use of reflected sunlight to brighten rather than obscure the displayed image, delivering superior daytime visibility and lower power consumption compared to traditional backlit displays. Simple, waterproof controls make the IS42 easy to use in rough conditions, and reliably responsive to wet or gloved hands.

A Truly Multi-Purpose Digital Instrument
The IS42 instrument can be configured to display multiple ‘pages’ containing information such as wind conditions, vessel speed, depth, and more. Quickly switch between pages to access the information you need, when you need it. Engine monitoring pages display important data such as RPM, engine temperature, trim tab status, fuel flow and economy for up to two NMEA 2000® connected engines. When networked with a compatible AIS receiver, the IS42 also offers a clear graphical display of nearby AIS-equipped vessels.

Key Features
Optically bonded 4.1-inch colour display
Display wind, speed, depth, engine data, autopilot status and more
Advanced AIS functionality including DSC calling to AIS-equipped vessels
Intuitive operation with waterproof silicon keys
Easy installation with front-mount option and just one cable
Add an OP12 keypad for full Simrad autopilot control
Low-profile glass helm design

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