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AP70 Mk2

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The AP70 Mk2 is a dedicated autopilot controller designed to meet the needs of professional mariners aboard a variety of commercial vessels.

Replacing both the AP70 and AP80 as our IMO/SOLAS autopilot controller, the AP70 Mk2 retains much of the well-reputed platform of its predecessors, but with a brilliant new display and modernised software interface.

The AP70 Mk2 accommodates installations with up to six drives. Previously only available with the AP80, this premium feature is now a standard in the AP70 Mk2.

Engineered for responsiveness, robustness and ease of use, the AP70Mk2 pairs a precision rotary control dial with dedicated buttons for instant access to steering modes, several custom-configurable work modes and multiple rudder/thruster integration.

Wheelmarked for use on SOLAS vessels
The AP70 Mk2 builds on, and continues the legacy of the SIMRAD Pro autopilot product portfolio. Its performance, robustness and quality are proven and recognised with the wheelmark symbol, making it suitable for all vessels ranging from small work- boats to large tankers.

Advanced configuration and tuning options to suit all ships
Parameters ranges and tuning options to support vessel dynamics.

Key Features

Wheelmarked for use on board SOLAS vessels (IMO, MED-B)
Advanced configuration and tuning options to suit all ships
Compatible with all common rudder/drive types
Up to 6 rudders/thrusters integration
Heavy-duty rudder feedback support
Configurable work modes and low/high speed modes
No Drift steering holds course against wind and tide
Navigation steering, route following
Command transfer and multiple control stations support