sailboat boom / carbon
BC series



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    for sailboats

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Seldén can also supply carbon booms that harmonise with its carbon mast range. Carbon booms offer weight savings of up to 35% compared to aluminium. This means that boom weight on a typical 35 ft boat is reduced from 30 kg to just 20 kg.
A lighter boom makes gybing less dramatic, as the boom has less momentum. This has a positive effect on the whole boat, especially with regard to the service life of the mainsheet attachment.
A lighter boom reduces the tendency of the boat to roll when sailing downwind. In light airs and choppy seas, a carbon fibre boom will display less tendency to bounce up to windward than a heavier aluminium boom. A lighter boom also improves the effect of the Rodkickers gasspring.
Alternatively, it enables a smaller and lighter Rodkicker to be used.
Carbon masts and booms are becoming increasingly popular among serious racing yachtsmen. Boats that sail IRC, and which are already fitted with a carbon mast, suffer no further rating penalty by upgrading to a carbon boom.