hull inspection underwater ROV



  • Type:

    for hull inspection

  • Depth:

    300 m, 950 m (984'03")


Key Features:​Unrivalled combination of capability, stability and versatility - Unique to SeaBotix hybrid/crawler systems is the combination of a highly efficient attraction device and drive mechanism. The patented Vortex Generator attractor produces an amazing 22 kgf (48 lbf) of attractive force while the tracked drive system produces a further amazing 12 kgf (26 lbf) of pulling force. This powerful combination provides a capability in demanding conditions where other systems fail.​Simplistic operation for all operators - Attachment to a ship hull is incredibly simple and mastered by many in a few minutes. The dual vertical thruster configuration allows for the operator to roll the vLBC and attach to the ship hull. On screen pitch and roll data further assists the operator. The vLBC then provides video/sensor feedback in a normal attitude further simplifying operation.Ultimate in versatility - The vLBC is comprised of the Crawler Skid Attachment (CSA) and the vLBV300 system. Operators have a fully functional MiniROV system found in the vLBV300 and the ability to add the CSA when required in only minutes. No other system offers the versatility and capability.