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buoyancy bag buoyancy bag


Marine Salvage Airbags (balloons)

The salvage tubes are similar to enclosed-type lift bags while they are much stronger. They have evolved from ship launching airbags and have multi-plies reinforcement layers made of rubber and synthetic-tire-cords. The thickness of tube body exceeds 6 mm often. Salvage balloons are extensively used for jack up stranded vessel and lifting sunk ship.

◾Lighter. One 55 tonnes buoyancy bag weighs only 800 kg or less.
◾Reliable. Salvage airbag can withstand cutting ,puncture from most marine fouling.
◾Sinkable. Deflated salvage bags can sink into water
◾Balance. Sausage shape airbags achieve balance easily.
◾versatile. Salvage airbag can lift ship up, roll ship into water or refloat the ship