Qingdao Evergreen Maritime CO.,LTD

Who we are

Evergreen Maritime is a leading manufacturer of ship launching air bags, floating pneumatic rubber fenders, foam filled marine fenders, and offshore buoys, headquarters in Qingdao city, China. The company offer enginering service for clients ship launching, ship dry docking ,heavy lifting projects also, via his subsidiary, Eversafe Marine Engineering company.

Who we are

When it comes to marine systems solutions, Evergreen's marine systems operation has over 20 years’ experience in providing Yokohama Pneumatic Rubber Fenders, Foam Fenders, Marine Airbags for Ship Launching, Dry Dock, Salvage & Heavy Lifting, Docking and Mooring, Surface Buoyancy and service and support. We work with specifiers on a project-by-project basis to determine best fit solutions and offer integrated systems to fulfill the most demanding specifications.

What we do

From conceptual design to post-sales service, we ensure that the technical support is in place. Whatever equipment you are specifying, in-house design with manufacturing and installation expertise ensures performance is maximized and maintenance is minimized. Evergreen’s marine systems operation’s manufacturing and development facilities, including a state-of-the-art engineering and design center, offer an innovative product range and an unrivalled service, catering to the unique needs of the different stakeholders in the industry, including port owners and operators, contractors and consultants, ship owners and operators, and shipyards.

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Our values

Evergreen marine systems are supplied to customers worldwide, including Maersk Shipping, TITAN SALVAGE, MED Marine, DAMEN, WINSON Fleet Holding, EIDE Marine Tech, STX Shipbuilding, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation, China Navy, etc.