harbors and terminal ship launching airbag
D 1.0 M x L 15 M



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    for harbors and terminals


Evergreen heavy lift airbag is specially designed marine airbag for heavy lift and transfer projects, with enhanced outer rubber surface and extra strong synthetic-tyre-cords. Those heavy duty rubber airbags have similar structure with ship launching airbags but be heavier and tougher due to abrasion and distortion resistance demands.

Available Specification
◾Maximum diameter: 2.5 m
◾Maximum length: 25 m
◾Maximum reinforcement layers: 10 layers

◾Super lifting capacity. In the market ,there are pillow shape air lifting bags, most of them unit lifting capacity can not reach 100 tons and maximum lift height less than 1 meter. Evergreen heavy lift airbags can lift hundreds tons by one unit at more than 1 m height.
◾Maximum 2 m lift height. Heavy lift airbags with 2.5 m diameter can lift heavy at 2 m height.
◾Six time safety coefficient. Super safe for all projects.
◾No limit of water. Heavy lift airbags can work both on the ground and underwater.
◾Heavy lift airbags can roll with objects. Cylinder shape enable heavy lift air bags can easily roll with object forward.
◾Higher demand of air leakage ratio. No need to keep watching on heavy lift airbags when off work,
◾Lower abrasion ratio
◾Lower distortion ratio
◾Cost effective

Applicable Projects
◾Caisson roll on/off
◾Caisson transfer
◾Steel cofferdam moving and launching
◾Tank lifting
◾Concrete structure relocation
◾Heavy moving

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