propulsion control system

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propulsion control system propulsion control system - TCS


The Mega-Guard Tunnel Thruster Control System (TCS) fully automates from bridge the control of the tunnel thruster. The tunnel thruster can be equipped with CPP or FPP and can be driven by electric or diesel motor.
The Tunnel Thruster Control System fulfills the rules of the classification societies and includes remote control, safety, RPM/pitch indication and a back-up control system. The Tunnel Thruster Control System is often used in combination with a Mega-Guard Dynamic Positioning System.
Operator Panels can be supplied for bridge fore, bridge aft and bridge wings. Operator panels are equipped with a pitch and/or RPM setting lever and a control display to select various operator modes and to indicate pitch, RPM and motor load or amperage.
Customer can easily execute commissioning as all parameters are selectable on the Operator Panels in a user friendly way.