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    for ships, for yachts

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The Mega-Guard Alarm and Monitoring System (AMS) is the perfect solution for small vessels. The Mega-Guard AMS supports both manned and unmanned machinery space applications.
The Alarm Panel is the main component of the AMS and this panel contains 16 digital inputs with a text window and LED alarm indication. This stand-alone panel communicates with other Alarm Panels and with the Group Alarm Panel on bridge via a redundant Ethernet network. The Group Alarm Panel on bridge is physically the same panel as the Alarm Panel.
The basic AMS can be extended with analog inputs by installing an EAS Operator Panel and one or two 24 channel Analog Input I/O Modules. The EAS Operator Panel is used for alarm indication and measured value indication. The EAS Operator Panel is also equipped with a RS485 serial interface to read values from other equipment.
The Mega-Guard AMS can also be expanded with an Extension Alarm System for unmanned machinery space notation (UMS). In this case the EAS Operator Panel is required for Attended/Unattended selection, on duty selection and patrol timer functions. An EAS 3 LED Panel is installed in cabin's and public spaces in order to call the on duty engineer in case an alarm is coming.