visualization software / for ships / for boats / professional vessel



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    for ships, for boats, professional vessel, for yachts


Flexible and intuitive visualisation software
Intuitive visualisation software with comprehensive standard function templates
Can be used flexibly thanks to web-based interface
Easy to adapt to customer requirements
Based on the powerful CODESYS software suite
Available on our touchscreen displays and PC stations

NORIVIS 4 is the web-based visualisation interface of our NORISYS 4 open automation platform. It enables us to show system information, channel statuses, alarms and control functions from automation systems in a user-friendly way on stationary, high-resolution touchscreen displays or PC stations. The large selection of standard function templates covers the needs of most customers. If required, the templates are adapted to meet customer requirements. Customer-specific objects, such as functional circuit diagrams, engine and gearbox illustrations, can be implemented into the standard templates during the project planning phase. Due to its web-based depiction, the visualisation can also be displayed independently of the platform on mobile devices with a standard web browser.