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brush oil skimmer
Mavi Bow series



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Mavi Deniz, Bow Collector Skimmer, is a Vessel Bow Mounted Oil Skimmer System which has a Rigid Brush Conveyor Belt unit and mounted on the bow of the Marine Vessel or Oil Skimmer Boat. Bow Collector Skimmer can collect oil spill on sea surface or water surface, Bow Collector Skimmer is a portable unit, and can be switch on any Marine Vessel or Oil Skimmer Boat.

Bow Collector Skimmer System operated by portable power packs and also any Marine Vessels and Oil Skimmer Boats which has a hydraulic system.

Bow Collector Skimmer Brush conveyor automatically separates and recovers oils, emulsions, and oily debris from the water and delivers it to deck level. The recovered oil contains less than 5% free water. Recovery capacity improves as oil viscosity increases and the system can collect large pieces of floating oil, seaweed, and debris.

Working Speed of Oil Skimmer Boat with Bow Collector Skimmer is up to 4 knots, working speed changes varies with the sea conditions. Size of Bow Collector Skimmer, hardness level of Brushes, and size of Oil Skimmer boats can be organized by the customer needed.