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weir oil skimmer / with sweeping arm



  • Type:

    weir, with sweeping arm


In spite of all the most recent prevention measures against oil spills, those are still a real scourge for our environment.In order to minimize those consequences both environmental and economic, we must be ready to respond with the last technological resources.Thus far, mechanical recovery is the most ecologic method for atsea oil recovery services. Consequently, MAVI DENIZ Sweeping Arm System is obvious to be one of the most appropriate tools.Rigid Construction : MAVI DENIZ Sweeping Arm employs a rigid concentrating guide boom construction which is attached along side the response vessel. An overflow weir skimmer is built into the arm at the apex of the V next to the vessel hull. A pump transfers recovered oil and water to onboard tanks, then the separation of the mixture can be proceed.High Performance : equipped with the most efficient hydraulically driven submerged positive Archimedes screw pumps, MAVI DENIZ Sweeping Arm System can recover any type of floating pollutant. Those witch does not pass through pump inlet can be recovered downstream the grating door.For oil with high viscosity a high pressure steam system can be adapted to liquefy thick oils at the pump inlet and outlet.