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weir oil skimmer / brush / disc / for ships
Multi Series



  • Type:

    weir, brush, disc

  • Other characteristics:

    for ships, sheltered waters, river


Mavi Deniz Multi Oil Skimmer is a high-efficiency oil skimmer for recovering of floating oil on water. Multi Oil Skimmer can be fitted with interchangeable oil skimming heads Disc Skimmer – Drum Skimmer – Brush Skimmer to allow for optimum performance in all oil types and viscosities. Standard units come complete with skimmer head, pump unit, hydraulic and transfer hoses, and hydraulic power unit.
Multi Oil skimmer is designed to recover oil and oil emulsions with medium to high viscosity with a range of 0 – 300 m3/h. from the sea surface under calm to rough weather conditions.

Multi Oil Skimmer system is usually all hydraulically operated, Optional diesel, gas or electric hydraulic power packs, pneumatic or electric power, and also manual or remote operation is possible. With the Continuous self-floating umbilical and thruster system, Multi Oil Skimmer get the motion capability up to 80 meters