boat deck hatch / square / opening / with rounded corners
Low Profile



  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Configuration:


  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    with rounded corners, with ventilation grill


The Low Profile Hatch has soft styling and sleek looks, ideal for use on a powerboat. Smaller ventilation hatches are suitable for any deck location on sailboats, while the larger sizes can be used as foredeck hatches on smaller to mid size yachts.

■ Outside handles allow the hatch to be opened from on deck if it is not locked
■ Low profile hatches open up to 180° (round hatches open to 170°)
■ Friction levers hold the lid open in any position up to 95°
■ Anodised aluminium frame for corrosion resistance
■ Curved upper frame profile for strength as well as modern styling
■ Available in Round and D-Hatch configuration
■ Full range of spare parts available

Mounting Instructions
Fit to a flat surface with a maximum tolerance of +/- 1mm.
Fastening size at hinge section use (M6 / 1/4").
Fastening size for lower frame use 5mm CSK screw No.10 UNC 2 BA.