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windsurf SUP / inflatable windsurf SUP / inflatable


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Inflatables have clear advantages over hardboards: they are super comfortable and user friendly as they are easy to transport and store. So far, their only real disadvantage was their limited planing potential.

Now JP presents two all-new inflatable windsurf boards which are specially developed and tuned for planing!

The specially developed, super clean hard rails are covered by a fiber reinforced layer of PVC cloth and create a smooth and efficient water release. Thus, the boards plane freely, accelerate willingly and reach good speed with little drag – similar as you know it from freeride hardboards. You’ll be surprised how much fun they are!

>> The best possible compromise between appealing performance and ultimate comfort. The uncompromised advantages of an inflatable come paired with planing fun that comes close to that of a hardboard.
German SURF wrote: “JP has set a new bench mark with the MagicAir. It is the first inflatable board which is able to challenge heavy hard boards in light winds.”


These boards plane so easily. You’ll be surprised how much fun it is to play and perform on these boards.

The soft and comfy feel will immediately put a smile on your face. And your grin will get broader once the wind is strong enough to pass the planing barrier.

In the past, one of the biggest planing handicaps of inflatables was their super-rounded rail in the tail area which caused a water flow disruption and the boards were literally sucked down and held back by the water.