slalom windsurf board / speed



  • Intended use:

    slalom, speed

  • Volume:

    101 l, 113 l, 125 l (27 gal)



Powerful and seriously fast, these boards make you fly over the water. They are aimed at sporty, advanced riders who have the ability to unleash the full potential of their acceleration and speed. These riders will also enjoy the racy carving jibe talent of the boards. These are the fastest Super Sport boards ever and will blow your mind and your friends off the water.
They deliver explosive acceleration and electrifying speed like World Cup Slalom boards but are easier to get going and are more comfortable to ride.

British WINDSURF Mag thinks that it is “super efficient” and “electric off the wind” and provides “plenty of traction and confidence to really control the flight”.
French WIND summarizes that the Super Sport “gained in liveliness to play with the competition without losing its accessible side – the big plus of the JP.”

They are short and wide, with parallel outlines and big planing surfaces to lift the boards up onto the plane instantly. The centered volume increases top end control. Additionally, the concave deck around the mast base lowers the rig which also improves control.

The super loose ride and higher water position is based on the bottom shape – a combination of flat sections, concaves and various V flows produces additional lift right under the straps. Therefore they feel very light under foot flying over chop and offering a great sailing sensation!