boat steering / electric
EW 200

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boat steering / electric boat steering / electric - EW 200


  • Application domain:

    for boats

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The EW provides full follow-up electric wheel control. When the traditional steering wheel is turned the EW produces an analog rudder command signal. The rudder will then follow-up to the position commanded by the movement of the wheel.

Compatible with all Jastram Full Follow-up steering systems.

Standard shaft size for customer supplied wheel

The EW200 provides 4 turns lock to lock

Multiple output signals are available to control a second amplifier or a rudder order indicator

Steering wheel feel is adjustable

The Internal mechanism is protected by a slip clutch to prevent damage to the unit

Rudder Order Indicators driver boards are optional

- ROIs are recommended so the helmsman knows where the rudder will follow-up to

Waterproof and corrosion resistant housing, with an IP 66 rating

Recommended Cable: 20 AWG, 3 Conductor, Standard, Copper wire

Shaft Size: Stainless steel shaft with ¾ shaft, 1:12 Taper

Voltage: 12, 24 or 36 VDC