inflatable kayak / recreational / sea / touring



  • Structure:


  • Intended use:

    recreational, sea, touring, flatwater, river running, entry-level

  • Capacity:

    3-person, 2-person


The RIVERSTAR XXL is intended to accomodate:

2 adults with particular long legs, and for plenty of luggage in the midship area.
2 adults and 1 – 2 children to enjoy super comfortable space.
2 adults, with a large dog placed midships and with adequate space to lie and move.
3 adults with little luggage.

This spacious giant kayak offers plenty of space for three persons or two with big luggage; it is extremely stable and suitable for longer trips in quiet waters as well as day excursions. This top model of the Grabner kayak fleet is ideal for river exploration, lakes and the seashore. And it is just perfect for anyone who wishes to switch from a folding boat to an inflatable kayak: robust, comfortable and ready to use in no time. Gives a professional dimension to the joy of perfect gliding.