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azimuth thruster / for ships / electric / Z-drive

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azimuth thruster / for ships / electric / Z-drive azimuth thruster / for ships / electric / Z-drive


  • Type:


  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Power source:


  • Other characteristics:

    Z-drive, L-drive

  • Power:

    Max.: 2,200 kW (2,991.2 hp)

    Min.: 500 kW (679.8 hp)


All Azimuth Thrusters are available with controllable or fixed pitch propellers, and in either Z- or L-drive configurations, it can be powered by electric motor, and its turning system can be either electric or hydraulic. The blade and hub materials are bronze. With design tools to develop structures that achieve the lowest possible resistance and the highest possible functionality.

The thruster lubrication oil circulation is handled by two full capacity pumps for redundancy and thereby reliable performance. In the CP hub itself, oil is circulated by a controlled leakage from the hydraulic system, also with two full capacity pumps, to the lubrication system. duo to this constant flow, the oil condition can be monitored for moisture, be cooled and filtered. Furthermore, the oil condition is displayed continuously on the control panel on the bridge.

The structure is designed to maximize lifetime, and it is analyzed both statically and dynamically. In reality, when all tolerances are considered, it is impossible to perfectly center the propeller without adjusting the nozzle position.