inboard engine / boating / diesel / direct fuel injection
20HPE series



  • Type:


  • Market:


  • Power source:


  • Technology:

    direct fuel injection, common-rail

  • Power:

    40 ch, 100 ch, 120 ch, 147 ch, 175 ch (40 hp)


FNM® 4-cylinder 20HPE engine is conceived according to GM B-family platform, equips a large number of small and medium size cars in Europe. The engine uses a common-rail fuel injection system controlled by an electronic control unit developed in house, especially made for it.

The engine is small, powerful and reliable and the availability of spare parts make this engine suitable of.

ECU developed in house
The engine electronic control unit (ECU) has been conceived after a 10-year development project carried out by R&D team; it is especially designed for HPE marine engines application. The ECU controls Bosch common rail system parts and included unique control stategies which can be personalized according customers’ request. It guarantees excellent performances with limited emissions.

High level performances
Set either for recreational use, where the engine reaches up to 129kW (175HP), or for any commercial purpose, where it can achieve up to 3000h/year, this unit guarantees excellent performances at each kind of operating condition.