Fnm Marine - CMD

Who we are

FNM Marine Diesel Engine designs, develops, manufactures and markets worldwide inboard diesel marine engines.

The marine sector FNM with its highly modern and well-equipped facility can count on a specialized engineerresearch and development and thirty years know-how able to transfer to the product the most functional and technologically advanced product today is available on the market.

Founded by the Negri family, the company has been operating more than thirty years in the marine sector, within which it has consolidated and specializes in Of boats by applying customized solutions tailored to customer needs.

Our values

Mission & Vision

We deliver to our customers high quality, superior quality and extraordinary performance marine engines, all supported by a solid customer support service everywhere. To do this we work with our employees and our business partners to continue to improve our products and services.

We aim to be a state-of-the-art businessfrom the technological perspective in compliance with future emission standards and the economy of consumption, without however forgetting the importance of meeting the Demand for a more and more market looking for better engine performance.