azimuth thruster / rudder / fixed / bow

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azimuth thruster azimuth thruster - TLAT600WM


  • Type:

    azimuth, rudder, fixed, bow, stern

  • Application domain:

    for boats, professional vessel, for ships, for yachts, for barges, for tugboats

  • Power source:

    electric, hydraulic, diesel-electric hybrid, diesel engine

  • Other characteristics:

    retractable, twin-prop, L-drive, Z-drive, fixed-pitch propeller, built-in, controllable-pitch propeller

  • Power:

    Max.: 3,680 kW (5,003.4 hp)

    Min.: 60 kW (81.6 hp)


Dutch Thrustleader Marine Propulsion Azimuth Thrusters / Rudder Propellers

Dutch Thrustleader’s Well Mounted Azimuth Thrusters are used for fast, flexible and easy propulsion of various type of marine vessels. They are also often used for dynamic positioning operations.

Dutch Thrustleader Rudder Propeller are manufactured in the range from 60 up till 3680 kW. All thruster can be build according classification, Lloyds, ABS, BV, CCS, RMRS, DNV/GL etc.

The azimuth thrusters have a smart design and robust construction. This provides high operational reliability together with simple maintenance for low operational life costs.

The units can be driven by a diesel engine, electric motor, permanent magnet motor and hydraulic motor.

All Dutch Thrustleader’s Azimuth Thrusters are equipped with 360 degrees azimuth function and can be delivered with different type of propellers. We use single propellers, contrarotating propellers and controllable pitch propellers. with or without nozzle.

With the Thrustleader Pro Series remote control system, you can control the speed & steering direction of the thruster. The control system can easily be interfaced with dynamic positioning systems, Auto pilot systems, VDR and battery management systems. For hybrid vessel we can interface with smart solutions to create the most optimized energy consumption.

When using multiple azimuth thrusters the speed & direction control can be managed by just one single joy stick. We use Reygar Ltd StemTide control systems for their reliability, flexibility and easy setup. A single joystick control can synchronize speed & direction of multiple azimuth thrusters.

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