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custom parasail / for high winds / for boat launch / 1/2-person
XXtreme 27.5



  • Other characteristics:

    custom, for high winds, for boat launch

  • Number of places:

    1/2-person, 1-person

  • Maximum load:

    Min.: 100 lb (45 kg)

    Max.: 380 lb (172 kg)

  • Wind speed:

    Min.: 16 mph (25.7 km/h)

    Max.: 27 mph (43.5 km/h)


Size ft / m² Name Weight Wind Speed/(A/M) Description
27.5′ / 58.6 HI/Wind 100-380lbs 16-26/27 mph Good for off shore turbulent air

Custom Chutes Inc. uses two materials for manufacturing its parasails, 1.9oz silicone coated 6.6 Ripstop nylon and 1.3oz silicone coated 6.6 Ripstop nylon that are constructed & coated in the USA. Both these materials come in a wide range of colors, are built to the same in strength, but are used in different circumstances. All parasails of sizes 21’ to 33’ are made in 1.9oz material (unless otherwise requested) this makes the parasail heavier which helps with parasail handling in strong wind. All parasails of sizes 33’ to 52’ are made in 1.3oz material (unless otherwise requested) this makes the parasail lighter, more efficient, easier to inflate and keep in the air.
All parasails come with trim zippers; these are located in the front G panels. These are for trimming purposes only and DO NOT create more lift if both are closed, just drag that some people mistake as lift.
All sizes marked HIWIND (H/W) or any parasail with air dumpers come with Air Management Zippers (old name high wind zippers) as standard, in any other size they are an optional extra. Air Management Zipper allow the parasail to operate in 1 to 2 mph more wind speed above its normal operational wind speed which in parasailing can make a difference and can assist when carrying a payload from the lower range of the parasail in the higher end of its operational wind speed. When using Air Management Zippers both should be fully open or fully closed, NEVER partly opened.
Air Management Zippers should never be used to trim the parasail.