ship generator set / diesel / with alternator / emergency



  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Motor type:


  • Options and accessories:

    with alternator, emergency

  • Output power:

    Min.: 74 kW (100.6 hp)

    Max.: 99 kW (134.6 hp)


74-99 kWe

World-class Cummins diesel engines matched to industry-leading Cummins alternators. Designed, integrated and assembled for optimal efficiency and performance
Engineered for the tough demands of the marine environment with superior durability and high uptime requirements
Simplified vessel integration with less complex mechanical connections
Available with multi-station alarm and monitoring panels via a local digital network to match application requirements
Integrated alarm system can be configured to communicate with ship’s central data systems
Flexible configurations available to customize the generating set to the vessel’s operating requirements
Comprehensive warranty applies to entire generating set and is valid globally
Packaged at G&M Tex Ltd in Ipswich, U.K.