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boat circuit breaker boat circuit breaker - AHD-RB6


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    for boats


Electronic Circuit Breaker (ECB)

Protection – Switching - Dimming

The AHD-RB6 is an electronic circuit breaker (ECB) for six channels with CAN-Bus connection for connecting, controlling and monitoring of electrical loads up to 16A / 24VDC per channel. The device switches all load circuits bipolar. If required, four channels on each device can be connected to two channels increasing the nominal current to 28A for each double channel.

The maximum current can be separately adjusted for each channel to 6.3A, 10A or 16A, providing according protection for all cables with corresponding dimensioning. The terminals for the power input can handle a current of 125A. The current of each channel is measured separately, enabling the AHD-RB6 to be used for example as a power management device.The recorded current values can be evaluated over CAN bus and visualized for example on our displays and monitors.

In case of a CAN system or processor failure each channel can be manually set with the built-in switches without affecting the safety function.

Each channel can be configured separately for dimming of lighting, where a different dimming value can be assigned to each channel over CAN bus (display) or by pushbutton.

If a pushbutton is used for dimming, a short pressing of the button switches the lighting on or off, while pressing and holding the button activates the dimming function (dimming from bright to dark or from dark to bright, respectively).