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flax fiber composite fabric / unidirectional

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flax fiber composite fabric flax fiber composite fabric - 5039


  • Fiber:

    flax fiber

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Product description
Non-crimp unidirectional fabric with fibres oriented at 0°, suitable
for manufacturing fibre reinforced composite products with a high
performance and a low environmental impact. The color after
impregnation is "cream white", which avoids too much heating
when exposed to the sun.

Performance advantage
Considering that glass fibers have a density of 2600 kg/m3
and a tensile modulus of 70 GPa, the flax ampliTex® UD
120 gsm can replace a 195 gsm glass fiber UD fabric to
have the same stiffness in tension.
In compression, the performance of flax is a bit lower,
thus the flax ampliTex® UD 120 gsm can replace a 160
gsm glass fiber UD fabric to have the same stiffness.

Processing guidelines
• Well compatible with epoxy and polyester
• Near-zero CTE, hence good processing compatibility with carbon fibres
• Compatible with infusion-based processes (vacuum infusion, RTM), wet layup, bladder inflation
moulding (BIM) and compression moulding
• Flax fibers always contain some humidity at ambient conditions. Some resins (especially
polyesters) are sensitive to moisture and may badly polymerize or create bubbles. In that case, dry
the fabrics before use (110°C for 15 minutes)
• Fibre weight fraction of 50% can be reached with process pressure > 5 bars. However, the fibres
absorb a lot of resin when laminating the fabric and it tends to look “dry” (unless too much resin is
used) before pressure is applied. We recommend controlling the amount of adhesive used for
laminating and impregnating it with 50 to 60% resin in weight. Excess resin comes out while
pressing the fabric.