ship propulsion system / for boats / diesel-electric hybrid

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ship propulsion system ship propulsion system - Hydropack


  • Application domain:

    for ships, for boats

  • Other characteristics:

    diesel-electric hybrid

  • Power:

    132 kW, 185 kW (179.5 hp)


Hydropack has no gearbox and the inversion of movement is done with variation of the displacement of oleodinamic pumps, so there is:
• - Built - in highly flexible oleodinamic joint to dampen torsional vibrations and shock loads
• - Excellent résistance to forward - reverse rapid change of direction
• - Very flexible speed control avaiable at low rpm
With Hydropack the propeller is moved by an oleodinamic motor and so:
• - Diesel engine can be installed everywhere in the boat
according to naval architects' exigencies; also a little boat can be equipped with frigo cells, can hâve accommodations and cooking facilities and can be seaworthy
• - The engine can be sited away from the steering position to give a quieter cruise
• - Small dimensions of propulsion axle
• - Best shaft angle with improvement of propulsion efficiency
• - The engine can be mounted on very low hardness silent blocks for high réduction of vibrations
In Hydropack ail labor accessories (fishing gears, water pumps, bow thruster, ecc.) are moved hydraulically with auxiliary pumps connected to diesel engines. so there is:
• - Réduction of dimensions of auxiliary installations
Hydropack is govemed by an electronic central unit that manages and optimizes engine speed, direction of movement, load sharing, energy consumption, hydraulic oil pressure, accélération and décélération ramps. Through HMCS (Hydropack Management Control System) Hydropack becomes the hearth of the boat.

The System offers the possibility of combimng in a single propulsion System the advantages of a diesel engine (speed, power and ample autonomy) and those of an electric motor (zéro émissions, no noise and reduced wave motion).