Surveillance systems

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control system / for boats / fluid level / for tanks
control system

In addition to accuracy and reliability the TD 4000 comes standard with many intelligent features tomeasure up to four tanks, four batteries, or a combination of both. The Smartswitch TD 4000 tank sensor is suitable for diesel, petrol, ...

position and tracking system / fishing boat / Iridium
position and tracking system

... known for its integrated design, incorporating all the electronic inside a single terminal housing: Central Processing Board; GPS receiver; GPRS modem; Iridium modem; back-up rechargeable battery;

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EMA d.o.o.
video surveillance system / for ships / CCTV
video surveillance system

HERNIS’ Flex IP CCTV system offers full flexibility and infrastructure across multiple transmission technologies, creating a sophisticated CCTV system limited only by ...

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Hernis Scan Systems
tank surveillance system
tank surveillance system

monitoring of water and waste water on plastic or metal tanks self adhesive sensor for plastic tank is placed outside of the tank battery operated up to 5 years battery life easy and quick installation

diver surveillance system
diver surveillance system

... Features; • Battery powered 12Vdc (4 hours autonomy) • Diver radio integrated • Depth monitoring (optional sensor needed) • GPS Interface • 18.5" screen • Keyboard for text overlay • Wifi • Dive profile logger • Etc.

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control system / for aquaculture
control system

AquaLink is used to transfer process data, live CCTV images, weather data such as wind, local surface and sea current at multiple depths, etc., between fish farm and service vessels. AquaLink is a product that will increase ...