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ship software
ship software

vDash™ Software Package vDash™ Software provides a virtual and interactive digital gauge application for any Windows compatible PC or Laptop. Transform your dash into the digital age. ***This package ...

safety level test software / for ships / for harbors / ISPS
safety level test software

3D Multimedia Training Software (MTS) "Port Facility Security" is intended for study of engineering and technical tools for provision of port facility security during lectures and practical lessons, as well for self training ...

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monitoring software / control / weather / visualization
monitoring software

... Barometric, Temperature, Humidity, Visibility Motion and Cloud Height. OMC-DOL-HMS utilises OMC-Data-Online; a software package (SCADA / Telemetric software system) for visualization, data handling and ...

navigation software / for ships
navigation software
Pytheas Conning

Pytheas Conning is a software application designed to present vessels navigation and operational status with utmost clarity. Instant comprehension, evaluation and awareness of the vessels ...

control software / CCTV video monitoring / for ships
control software

HERNIS HWIN is the software needed to control cameras and manage video in HERNIS CCTV systems. Extensive CCTV expertise combined with the latest technology available has culminated in this highly efficient CCTV management ...

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Hernis Scan Systems
loading software / for Ro-Ro ships
loading software

Use the graphical stowage tools in our Ro-Ro stowage module to stow, reposition, or remove all cargo on all decks. The viewing tools are very flexible, and allow you to decide on the level of detail to be shown. Loading, repositioning, ...

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Autoship, Coastdesign Norway AS
navigation software / simulation / for ships / for boats
navigation software

... advanced dynamics and weather system, more vessels and environments than ever before and full campaign missions based on real captain's stories. Ship Simulator Extremes is the definitive simulator for ...

design software / for ships
design software

A complete solution A comprehensive portfolio of solutions, add-ons and stand-alone applications support all naval architecture, engineering, design and production disciplines, through every phase of the shipbuilding process. Best-in-class ...

calculation software / navigation, positioning and data acquisition / for ships
calculation software

... specifically for passenger ferry and cruise ships which enables the ship's officer to quickly and accurately calculate the ship's intact stability condition. At the ...

tank level monitoring software / for ships
tank level monitoring software
8110-8900 COMM8110

The Type 8110-8900 Comm8110 software is a windows based graphical user interface designed to automate the setup of the PMC Type 8110 TLM Plus (Tank Level Monitor). An unprogrammed TLM can be configured, or existing setup ...

management software / for ships
management software
AMOS Enterprise

... Maintenance, Spare parts and Stock control, Purchasing and Procurement, Quality and Safety management, Location tracking (for vessels and mobile units), Personnel management and satellite data transfers. In its almost ...

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recording software / communication / for ships / for harbors
recording software

MultiStore Digital Voice and Call Logging System is a digital recording system, which stores different types of communications to hard disk including: - telephone calls - radio traffic - microphone signals - incoming telefaxes - e-mail messages

loading software / for ships / for containers
loading software

This software is a Windows application and has multi-windows, standard controls and interaction with other Windows applications. It was designed for calculating and controlling trim and stability of an intact vessel.

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power management software / for fishing ships / for smartphones
power management software

Now you can have the power of SmartCraft on your mobile device (iOS or Android) with all the digital data your SmartCraft engine supports!

monitoring software / control / for ships / customizable
monitoring software

... terms of flexibility and scalability. With our effort on offering a platform that utilize digital possibilities, you can offer ship intelligence that makes your business smarter, safer and greener. AUTOMATION MADE ...

electronic logbook software / for fishing ships
electronic logbook software