navigation software / analysis / recording / AIS



  • Type:

    navigation, analysis, recording, AIS, navigation knowledge testing for marine pilots

  • Application domain:

    for bulk carrier ships, professional vessel, for harbors, for offshore platforms

  • Other characteristics:

    for tablet computers, alarm system


Qastor is a precise navigation, piloting and docking software application that has been operational since 2000. Although primarily designed for piloting operations, Qastor has also proven to be a useful navigation tool in several other fields including, but not limited to:

● Ship Trials
● Oil Rig Positioning
● Inland River Barges
● SPM Approaches
● Ferry Operations
● Oil and Gas Tanker Approaches and Docking
● Patrol Vessels
● Tugboat Operations

Using wired or wireless techniques, Qastor connects to NMEA and AIS devices, including the onboard AIS pilot plug and many portable pilot units (PPUs) providing independent position, heading and rate of turn.

The user-interface complies with the Windows user interface guidelines. Complete information is logically presented on one screen. All positioning data, active routes, scales and display views are continuously stored for replay purposes.

Various digital chart formats are supported including IHO S-57 Version 3.1.1, C-Map CM93 version 3, DNC and UKHO ARCS charts.

Qastor has a wide range of navigation aids, including:

● Danger Detection & Avoidance
● Enhanced Route Planning & Verification
● Dynamic Under Keel Clearance
● Real-time Tide Reduction
● Meeting point predictions
● Support for geo-referenced annotations such as approach descriptions, pictures, tugboat
instructions and so on.

There are a number of modes for dedicated operations:

● Planning Mode for route creation
● Navigation Mode for general navigation
● Docking mode for precise approaches
● Lock approach mode for precisely controlled lock maneuvers
● Tandem mooring mode for FPSO operations
● Buoy approach mode for SPM operations