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vDash™ Software Package

vDash™ Software provides a virtual and interactive digital gauge application for any Windows compatible PC or Laptop. Transform your dash into the digital age. ***This package is included with any hardware purchase over $500.

vDash serves 4 primary functions:

Allows for the creation of customization of Gauge and Switch display themes for SeaGauge, SeaSwitch for display on SeaGauge Color Touch screens and Pc’s
Digital gauge display in real time on PC’s and SeaGauge Display screens
Logging and playback of logged data files for real time and historical analytical review
vDash acts as a NMEA 2000 viewer. Allowing users to custom design display themes to display NMEA 2000 data streams
Instrumentation display can be configured for a variety of engine performance parameters such as TACHOMETER, RPM, OIL PRESSURE, ENGINE TEMPERATURE, FUEL LEVEL, FUEL FLOW,EGT, BOOST PRESSURE, VOLTMETER, MAIN and AUXILIARY BATTERY, SWITCHES, and much more.

vDash contains a library of graphic display modes which can be placed on a virtual dashboard using drop down menu’s and simple mouse clicks. Sensor and switch names are assigned by entering them into simple configuration outlines. Up to 8 dashboard configuration screens can be created to show instrumentation data in easy to read formats. Custom sensor calibration tables can be loaded and modified using simple on screen Spreadsheet formats. Min/max alarms for each sensor value with the click of the mouse.