snap shackle with swivel / standard / multi-purpose
snap shackle with swivel

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standard snap shackle / with eye / multi-purpose
standard snap shackle

standard snap shackle / multi-purpose
standard snap shackle

ABOUT STAINLESS STEEL AUTOMATIC SNAP Automatic snap made from 10mm stainless steel.

snap shackle with screw lock / multi-purpose
snap shackle with screw lock

snap shackle with shackle / quick-release / multi-purpose
snap shackle with shackle
T5 - CB

Tylaska T5 Snap Shackles are perfect for small boat applications requiring high strength and low weight. They have a breaking strength of 5,000 lbs and weigh just 2.2 ounces in the standard bail configuration. ...

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double-action safety snap shackle / multi-purpose
double-action safety snap shackle
Safety Latch

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quick-release snap shackle / multi-purpose
quick-release snap shackle
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