Lateral thrusters

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azimuth thruster / bow / for ships / built-in
azimuth thruster

Thrust: 6 kN - 90 kN
Power: 116 kW - 825 kW

... with a high volume at a low pressure. With the solid Jastram thruster gear, the water is pumped through the 360° rotating steering grid. Turning the grid by up to 180° in 8 seconds, the thruster provides ...

bow thruster / stern / for yachts / AC
bow thruster

Power: 25 ch - 200 ch

TRAC Thrusters deliver more thrust per horsepower than any other thruster available. TRAC’s twin counter-rotating propellers are more efficient and can reach higher horsepower than single prop thrusters. TRAC ...

bow thruster / stern / for boats / DC
bow thruster

Description: HB350 Houseboat Thruster, 24 VDC, 400 Amps, Dual Prop, Anodized Marine-Grade Aluminum Housing Horsepower: 7.5HP The HB350 Houseboat Thruster from Sideshift is perfect for houseboats between ...

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stern thruster / bow / for boats / DC
stern thruster

Thrust: 29.4 daN
Power: 3 kW

Force 30 Kgf Voltage DC 12V E-motor capacity kW 3kW Current 480A Master fuse 500A Recommended battery capacity 12V 1 x Optima Yellow Top 55Ah Battery cable +/- 1m -> 50mm2 / 3ft -> 1/0 AWG Water inlet 1 x Ø 90 mm/3⅟₂” Water outlet ...

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Holland marine parts
bow thruster / stern / for boats / electric
bow thruster
Model 12 / 16 / 20 / 24

Power: 22 kW - 110 kW

... designed for the demanding commercial market, but now available for yacht applications, NAIAD Right Angle Bow Thrusters and Right Angle Stern Thrusters feature robust, heavy duty, matched ground spiral ...

stern thruster / for boats
stern thruster
QA 400 E

Thrust: 70 daN
Power: 5 kW

Description: ​ Mounting only 80 mm below the waterline with only four screws Power supply through a hole of only 60 mm in the ship's hull Housing is made of solid aluminum, laminated and coated with antifouling Electric motor in ...

stern thruster / for boats / electric / tunnel type
stern thruster

Thrust: 57.9 daN
Power: 4 kW

stern thruster / for barges / hydraulic / external
stern thruster
Barge Tsunami

Power: 75 kW - 224 kW

Bracket-Mounted Hydraulic Thrusters with Tillt (1800-11000 foot pounds of thrust) Versatile and powerful, these bracket-mounted marine thruster units are easily installed to accommodate both vessel ...

bow thruster / for ships / tunnel type
bow thruster

Thrust: 17.7 kN - 451 kN
Power: 115 kW - 3,050 kW

The controllable pitch propeller-type Model TCT is a high-performance tunnel-type thruster. It provides good maneuverability because the direction and scale of thrust can be changed by controlling the blade angle of the ...

lateral thruster / for ships / electric / RIM-drive
lateral thruster

The SRT is an electrically operated thruster system without a gearbox or propeller shaft. The stator of the electric motor is integrated into the outer part of a tunnel and the blades are fastened to the inside of the ...