bow thruster / stern / professional vessel / for ships
bow thruster
Tunnel Thrusters

Thrust: 2 kN - 358 kN
Power: 20 kW - 2,400 kW

DTG branded tunnel thruster series. Optimized step size range of 20-2400 kW power. Available with Electric, Hydraulic or Diesel engine drive. Compatibel with Steel, Aluminium & FRP vessels. Compliant ...

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Dutch Thruster Group BV
bow thruster / for ships / hydraulic / tunnel type
bow thruster

Thrust: 294.2 daN - 8,284.7 daN
Power: 25 kW - 768 kW

T Series hydraulic tunnel thrusters are compact and easy to fit units that can be supplied complete with steel, aluminium or composite tunnels, pre drilled ready for installation. The thruster ...

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bow thruster / stern / for boats / hydraulic
bow thruster
14CC (30 -> 60 KGF)

Thrust: 1.2, 1, 0.8, 0.6 daN
Power: 16, 11, 8.5, 5.5 kW

... stern thrusters has made manoeuvring vessels, large or small, much easier. This is the reason these thrusters have been seeing much wider application over the past years. There are a few disadvantages ...

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Holland marine parts
ship thruster / electric / hydraulic / diesel engine
ship thruster

Thrust: 3.4 kN - 58.8 kN
Power: 22 kW - 400 kW

... easily controlled by the revolution and rotation direction of the prime mover. Since the model can be used with hydraulic motors, electric motors, and diesel engines, it is used on various types of vessels. ...

bow thruster / stern / for boats / hydraulic
bow thruster

Power: 7.3 kW - 150 kW

SIDER BOW AND STERN THRUSTERS The Hydrosta bow thruster range is made up of high-quality products. The line includes hydraulically driven bow thrusters and bow thrusters ...

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compact thruster / stern / bow / for boats
compact thruster

Power: 11 kW - 63 kW

... operation. The thruster housing, propeller and shafting are precision manufactured in AISI 316 Stainless Steel for the highest in marine corrosion resistance. The working pressure region of In Line Bow Thrusters ...

rudder thruster / for AUVs / ROV / hydraulic
rudder thruster
SA300 / SA380 / SA420 / SA500

... Various Interchangeable Motor Options New! Thruster Guards Available Sub-Atlantic hydraulic thrusters are reliable due to a rugged, lightweight contruction and a ceramic shaft sealing ...

bow thruster / for sailing superyachts / hydraulic / retractable
bow thruster

Power: 35 kW - 110 kW

... regulations Fixed bowthruster For small capacities up to 35kW we supply a bowthruster containing a hydraulic motor in a watertight casing pod within the thruster tube. It is particularly well-suited ...

azimuth thruster / for ships / hydraulic / Z-drive
azimuth thruster

... reduction ratios and propeller/nozzle diameters to suit the application requirements. They are available with integral wet hydraulic or dry air actuated clutch, in top pull-out or weld-in configuration. Advantages The ...

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Thrustmaster of Texas
fixed thruster / for AUVs / ROV / hydraulic
fixed thruster

Thrust: 2.1, 1.8, 0.9 daN
Power: 4.2, 3.2, 1.9 kW

... Propeller OD: 9.8” Hydraulic Pressure: 3,000psi (206 bar) Max Power RPM: 1800 Hydraulic Power: 4.4 hp (3.2 kW) Required Flow: 2.5 GPM (9.36 lpm) 5hp: Forward Thrust: 235lbs Reverse Thrust: 175lbs Nozzle ...