Boat air conditioner / professional vessel / for ships / for yachts
AirJet 12 Thermowell


  • Application domain:

    for boats, professional vessel, for ships, for yachts

  • Type:

    monobloc, split


AirJet12 is the exclusive and innovative sea water cooled boat air conditioner directly powered in 12 V (direct current) from the battery bank of your boat, without using a generator or an inverter. AirJet12 is a well designed and elegant product which offers the most simple and versatile installation. According to the volume available on board for its installation, it is possible to choose between the split arrangement or 3 self contained arrangements, horizontal or vertical. With its 6.1000 BTU/h cooling power, AirJet12 is the ideal solution for cooling single cabins into small/medium vessels. The heart of this air conditioner is a semi-hermetic horizontal scroll compressor using an advanced brushless DC motor (BLCD) which allows the direct connection to the boat’s battery bank, also avoiding, through a dedicated program of the compressor control driver, the start – up peak of current absorption. Under the nominal conditions AirJet12 draw 45 A, including the current from blower and circulation pump. The necessary sea water pump is already installed inside the air conditioner and also electrically and hydraulically connected, thus making the installation the simplest possible. The blower can be rotated allowing many installation options according to the path of the air ducts. The best quality of the treated air is assured by the installation of an easily removable and washable filter.


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