boat air conditioner / for yachts / do-it-yourself kit



  • Application domain:

    for boats, for yachts

  • Type:

    do-it-yourself kit


The exclusive air conditioner for your boat in a DO-IT-YOURSELF kit extremely quick and IZY to install. Available now in three models - 9.000, 13.000 and 16.000 BTU/h - both in cooling only and cooling/heating version. Sea water pump, as well as all the electric and electronic components, are already installed inside the unit, thus making installation quite simpler and faster respect to traditional systems having the same power. This marine air conditioner has a digital wall mounted controller for setting parameters and operation mode and a small remote controller. Standard accessories kit includes all the accessories for the installation of a full air conditioning system with one air outlet grilles. Even included in the kit are the clamps for the connections of air duct and sea water pipes. To get a full customized air conditioning systems, is available a wide choose of accessories such as wooden grilles, tee or y air divider for a multi-air outlet grilles system.