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BB Thermowell



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    professional vessel, for ships, for yachts

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BB line of split marine air conditioners represent the ideal solution for small-medium boats (8-18 m). They are available in 6 models ranging from 8.000 to 24.000 BTU/h. Each system is splitted in two sections, condensing and evaporating units respectively, joined during installation by preinsulated copper pipes (3.5 m of such pipes having idoneous section are included in the system), thus allowing the installation where it is not possible or difficult the installation of a self-contained UB system. For example it is possible to install the condensing unit (where the compressor and condenser are installed) into the engine room, and the ventilating unit into the cabin (within furnitures or behind a seat or berth). BB units are controlled by a digital wall mounted controller with liquid crystal display; through the controller it is possible to turn on or off the system, choose the operation mode (cooling or heating), set the desired inner temperature and fan speed. Installation is quite simple; it is only required to connect through pipes the strainer and the sea water pump to the condenser placed in the condensing unit, and to diffuse the treated air through flexible insulated ducts. All metal components are made by stainless steel idoneous for marine applications. Performances of self-contained and split syste are identical.