multi-surface cleaner / for boats
S3 FINISH CLEANER Sea-Line Troton sp. zo.o.



  • Surface to be cleaned:


  • Application domain:

    for boats


S3 FINISH CLEANER shine control is a product for all types of paints,varnishes – including HS, 2K, nitro, synthetic fibers and plastics, rubber,gelcoat coatings, glass, mirrors, etc.

Sea-Line Brayt S3 FINISH CLEANER removes:

All pollution due to precipitation
Greasy, difficult to remove stains and dirt
Residues of damaged protective coatings (including waxes) which must be removed before applying new layer of protective coating

Does not leave streaks

Does not contain silicone
Industry- specialistic use

After polishing: wash surfaces with use S3 gives you opportunity to check the quality of the obtained coating, if it is polished well we get a perfect look. It perfectly removes all traces of abrasives, haze, etc.
At the final stage: because of fast cleaning dirt from surface which is a result from the production processes and easy in use, working time necessary for preparing elements before shipping is much shorter.