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S05 ONE STEP HEAVY CUT & GLOSS Sea-Line Troton sp. zo.o.



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S05 ONE STEP HEAVY CUT & GLOSS – polishing paste compound for gelcoat

Cut level : 9/10

Gloss level: 8/10

Sea-Line® S05 polishing compound is a one-stage compound with a high cutting force which guarantees quick removal of defects and grinding scratches from a surface after treatment with sandpaper of gradation from P800.

Sea-Line® S05 polishing compound is primarily designed for the companies which produce goods in which the outer layer is gelcoat or forms made from utility gelcoat and an industrial topcoat with a high toughness degree.

Using S05 polishing compound allows for shortening the labour time thanks to a high cutting force while obtaining appropriate gloss on the surface without the necessity of using other kinds of polishing compounds.