boat polishing compound
S1 PREMIUM Sea-Line Troton sp. zo.o.


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S1 PREMIUM ONE STEP CUT & HIGH GLOSS – polishing liquid compound for gelcoat & paint

Cut level: 8/10

Gloss level: 9/10

Sea-Line® S1 PREMIUM guarantees obtaining a very high gloss on the surface in one-stage polishing process.

S1 Premium Compound is designer for surfaces difficult to polish, such as varnishes (also polyurethane ones) plexi or polycarbonates and laminates. At the same time the used polishing grain gives a very high gloss and efficiently removes defects and grinding scratches after using sandpaper of gradation from P800. (in case of dark colours after using sandpaper of gradation
The compound is provided in the form of liquid, it allows for a precise dosing of appropriate amount, depending on the type of the surface that is being polished.