fender cleaner / for boats / professional / biodegradable
C2 Sea-Line Troton sp. zo.o.



  • Surface to be cleaned:

    for fenders

  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Other characteristics:

    professional, biodegradable


C2 CONCENTRATE CLEANER very powerful water soluble and biodegradable cleaner for quick and efficient removal of oil, grease, scale, soot, nicotine etc. Great as a professional cleaner for fenders, tarpaulins, poles and aluminum ship components and for the removal of hydraulic oil .
Thin with water. For normal dirt add 1 part of C2 on 10 parts of water. For heavy dirt add 1 part C2 on 5 parts of water. Can be diluted with hot and cold water. Use cloth or soft brush. After treatment, always rinse with plenty of water.
Volume 500 ml