filler with fiberglass / two-component / epoxy / osmosis treatment
Fiberglass Sea-Line Troton sp. zo.o.



  • Type:

    with fiberglass, two-component, epoxy

  • Applications:

    osmosis treatment, repair


* Epoxy Filler with Fiberglass is very durable and can be apply in very thick layers.
* Combination of lightweight component A with component B containing a fiberglass allows the imposition of very high thickness without defects and damage to the hull
* Recommended for deep cavities and completion bonding in the process of repair of boats
* Repair of deep defects caused by the action of osmosis
* Healed damage, cracks and scratches
* Easy to mix and application
* Cans contain a volume of components where is left place for mixing components
* The advantage of this putty is increased strength and the highest bond strength
* The previous layer: epoxy primer Sea-Line, two-component paints,
* The next layer: Epoxy Primers, Polyurethane Topcoat color, antifouling paints